Unwritten Rules for Submissions on Reddit

When you are submitting content to reddit, there are a few things you should really look out for. One this is NEVER to submit a link from your website multiple times in succession. That is because you have to understand that each subreddit is usually moderated by a team of moderators. And they tend to check on new submissions frequently, and the submitter’s username as well. What happened to me is that I had a ton of submissions to my website as the first thing that can be seen under my username, and so the moderators immediately banned me when they saw that.

Moderators are extremely attune to spammers, although I don’t consider myself one.

The solution to avoiding being banned on the spot is simple. First, make sure that you don’t submit the same link multiple times in quick succession. Make sure to leave a good amount of time before your next submission. And in between submissions, make sure to do plenty of commenting. This way, the moderators don’t see a list of your submissions when checking out your username, but instead the current submission with plenty of comments.

It also helps if you mix your submissions (to any subreddit really) at 10% your own, and 90% other website or content that isn’t related to you. That’s actually a part of Reddit’s site-wide rules. You might want to check that out first.

Edit: Note that the 1 in 10 rule for self-promotion post submissions is abrogated. Now it’s totally up to the subreddit moderators.

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