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What Decides the Quality of a Backlink?

So there are a couple of things that affect the quality or value of a backlink:

  1. PR + Relevance is the core of SEO
  2. What is PR
  3. What is Relevance
  4. Law of Link Transferral
  5. Spam and Low Quality Links

The amount of backlinks is not always important. The core of a backlink is a site’s PR. PR is Page Rank, and Page Rank is Google’s Quality Score for a website, and the relevance of the site linking to the site.

Let’s say that you have a website. So basically a backlink from a website that is near or in the same niche as your website is a higher quality backlink than a website that is not from your niche.

For example, let’s say that your website is about shoes. A backlink from a shoe shine website is more valuable to you than a backlink from a Star wars fandom website.

PR is equal to the amount of links and the quality of the links.

PR has a scale from 1-10.

Non-relevant backlinks don’t benefit, and can harm your website PR. Stay away from spam and low quality links.

New pages tend to have a PR

Google ranks by pages, not by whole site.

Link juice refers to passing a web page’s PR or ranking value by linking back to other pages. In other words, other pages will receive a boost to PR from backlink.

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