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Black vs Grey Text Font on Websites

So one interesting typographical design choice on websites is the color of the font. Some people stick with the default black text color. But a new trend is to use grey font color for the text. Why is that?

Well, one reason web designers choose grey over black font color is because they consider that straight black on white makes for a contrast that is too high, and therefore harsh on the eyes. So the solution was to lower the amount of black in the font color, and reduce the contrast. Take a look at the difference:

Total black Total black vs. #333 black #333 black

I also noticed that a slightly grayed black font color makes the text feel more apart of the web page, and more elegant.

Too much gray is harder to read.

And pure black on pure white is fine; when in doubt stick to this. Just test how long it takes for you to read one of your website’s articles in pure black & white, then dark grayish-black & white. What looks better to you? What is easier to read for you?

But in the end, when you make your design decision, remember this isn’t about what you like. This is about what the majority of your visitors will like. What will look best, and be easiest to read for them?

What's Your Opinion?