How does AddToAny’s Prioritize Service Work?

I love the AddToAny plugin, although I encountered what I thought to be bugs- but actually weren’t. So one such “bug” is that I did not notice any change in the order of the sharing options when I changed the settings to make the social media outlet Hacker News be prioritized. This can be done by leaving the code I show below in the “Additional Javascript” input field:

a2a_config.prioritize = ["hacker_news"];

What actually happened for me to observe no change is this. AddToAny remembers the social media sites I’ve chosen before to share content with, given that I am sharing the content through AddToAny. So the AddToAny plugin considers this in order to calculate what to show to you in the AddToAny pop-up menu summoned by the blue universal share button with the white plus sign. Those past sharing selections were given more weight than the prioritization settings I had configured, explaining why I did not observe a change in the AddToAny share plugin widget. But when I checked the AddToAny menu through a different internet browser that I didn’t use before with the AddToAny widget, I saw the prioritization in effect with social media outlet Hacker News on the top.

This means that prioritization is for newcomers who have not used AddToAny before.

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