2. Object Identification

Today we are going to talk about Object Identification.

Object Identification2

You can find it under the Tools tab:

Object IdentificationThe Object Identification lets you choose an environment. From the environment you can choose a Test Object Class. From the Test Object class you can view the Object’s properties (What is an Object?). You can see what Properties describe an object so that when you are testing, so you can tell the QTP software what you are looking for.

For example, let’s say you need to tell someone, let’s say Bob, to look for a person amidst/in a crowd of other people. If you just say, “look for that guy”, Bob will look at you funny and ask, “which guy? There are so many of them!”. So you have to use the Object’s properties to tell Bob who you are looking for. So you tell Bob, “It’s the guy with the red cap, the Nyan Cat T-shirt, and he is in front of the crowd.

QTP works very much the same way, as I show in this tutorial.

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