Setting Up HP ALM QC for Use

In this article I will show you the various shortcuts and steps needed to make using ALM a better experience.

Shortcuts to the HP ALM QC Software

To make desktop shortcuts to the HP ALM QC software, you first go to the Start Menu Button on the desktop toolbar >> You then go to All Programs > HP ALM Platform > and hold right click & hold the CTRL button on the ALM Platform icon. Drag the icon to the desktop and release your hold on the right mouse button and CTRL. You now have a shortcut to the ALM Platform.

Do the same Hold Right Click & hold CTRL button for the Site Administration button. Again, drag and release to the desktop to make a shortcut of that application.

1_ALM Shortcuts

Fixing Internet Explorer Security Settings for HP ALM QC

The first time I tried to run the HP ALM QC software, Internet Explorer immediately blocked the software.

1B_ALM Applications Not Working

To make sure the Internet Explorer does not block the Quality Center software, you first need to go to Tools tab on the Tool bar, then the Internet Options tab.

2_ALM Application Not Working Not Connecting Security

After selecting the Internet Options tab, the Internet Options window will pop up. Select the Advanced Tab.

3_ALM Internet Explorer fix Security settings

Scroll down the Settings until you find the Security header.

4_ALM Advance Internet Options

Uncheck the “Check for Publisher’s certificate revocation.

5_ALM Advanced Security

After saving the settings change by selecting the Apply then OK Buttons, your HP ALM Quality Center software should now start working.

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