Installing HP ALM QC

How to Install ALM

So this is going to be a step-by-step tutorial showing you how to install HP ALM QC onto your (virtual) machine.

First, Find & Run the application setup1_ALM Setup

2nd, Select the Next Button >> Select “I Agree” to the License Agreement >> Select Next Button past Customer Information.

2_ALM License

On the “Select Installation Folder” segment, choose the directory where you want to save the ALM software. I personally leave the default directory in place. >> Select the Next Button to start the Installation.

3_ALM Installation Folder

Now you just wait until ALM finishes installing >> Once it finishes the installation, select the Next Button.

4_wait for ALM installation

Now a new dialog box pops up called the “HP ALM Platform Configuration Wizard”. >> Select the Next Button. >> At this stage the configuration wizard will ask you for a license key & maintenance key. Don’t do anything with those. Instead, below those next to a Check Box is the text, “Use Evaluation Key”. Check the Check Box.

5_Selecting ALM Liscense key

Select the “Quality Center Start Edition”. >> Select the Next Button. >> On the Security segment, locate the “Confidential Data Encryption” box. In the “confidential data passphrase” input field, enter the number “1” 13x times. Alternatively, I think checking the check box next to the text, “Use default value (unsecure)” would work just as well. >> Underneath the 1st box is the “communication Security” box. In the “Communication security passphrase” input field, enter again number “1” 13x times. >> Then Select the Next Button.

6_Security passphrase ALM

At the Application Server to the Mail Server segment, don’t change anything and Select the Next Button. At the Database Server change the password to abc >> Select the Next Button. >> At the “Site Administrator User” leave abc as the Admin Username and Password. Then Select the Next Button.

7_ALM User Pass

Select the Next Button pas the Installation Summery. Now the HP ALM Platform Configuration Wizard will Apply the Configurations you specified. >> Now your done at the Finish segment. You have the option to Start JBoss. To end the application, Select the Finish Button.

8_ALM Finish Installation

Your HP ALM Quality Center Software is now installed. However, it is not yet ready to be used. There are a few things you need to setup in order to start using the software, which you can see here.

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