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Adding and Deleting New Users & Administrator in Quality Center

In this tutorial I will be showing you how to add and delete new site user, and how to upgrade and downgrade site administrator status in the HP ALM Quality Center application.

Adding a New Site User

First you need to Log in as an administrator.

2_Adding User ALM as Administator

After logging in, locate the toolbar near the top of the browser window. Select “Site Users”.

5_ALM Select Site Users

Add a new user by selecting the “add a new user” button. It’s the green person with a plus sign next to him.

6_Add a New User HP QC ALM

A new window will pop up with the fields for User Name, Full Name, Email, Phone Number, and Description. Fill them out as required, and select the OK button.

7_Add new User details for ALM QC

You can now see the New user under the list of Site Users.

8_The New User has Been Added for Quality Center ALM

 Delete a Existing Site User

Now, if you want to delete an existing site user from the HP ALM Quality Center application, you need be in the same place for Adding a New Site User: First you need to be logged in on the Site Administrator side of the Quality Center application, on the “Site User” tab.

If you are in the correct place, you simply highlight by selecting the Site User that you want to delete, and then select the person symbol with the red x.

9_Deleting Site User in the ALM Quality Center Application

A dialogue box will pop up asking if you want to delete the site user. Select the Yes button to delete the user.

10_delete site user confirmation

Now, the Site User that you selected has been deleted.

11_Site User is now deleted Quality Center

Upgrading Site User to Site Administrator

So if you are still in the same place (Login on Administrator side > Site User Toolbar Tab), you can turn a regular Site User into a Site Administrator. You can do this by locating the red person with a yellow bow tie in the same upper-right corner of the toolbar. Select that red icon.

12_Add Site Administator HP ALM Quality Center

To upgrade a Site User to a Site Admin, select the “add” a user button; the green person icon with the plus sign.

13_Add Site Admint ALM Quality Center

Then a side panel will appear. From the side panel select the user you want to upgrade to a Site Admin. Then select the green left arrow.

14_Select Site User to be Site Administrator ALM QC

The site user has now become a site admin.

15_Site user has become Site Admin Quality Center

Downgrading Site Administrator to Site User

Similarly, you can downgrade an existing Site Administrator to a Regular user. At the same location (Login on Site Administration side > Select Site User Tab from Toolbar) select the red person with the yellow bow tie icon. Then Select the user you want to downgrade. Finally select the “Remove” button of the icon of a green person with a red x.

16_Downgrade Remove Site Admin to Site User Quality Center

A dialogue box will pop up to confirm that you want the Admin to be downgraded to site user. Select the Yes button.

17_confirm remove Site admin to site user Quality Center

Now that user is no longer an Administrator.

18_No longer site administator Quality Center

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