Winter Season Treats for Warming the Heart

The winter cold sets in as the night approaches… Wouldn’t a warm beverage be perfect? Some prefer coffee, but in order to sleep you’d need something more soothing. Wouldn’t a cup of hot chocolate be better?

Cocoa contains a natural substance called theobromine that causes the heart to beat faster, therefore warming up the body.

Hot cocoa bring heat into the body yet brings about feelings inside a person similar to that when falling in love.

   So why not share the love by treating your loved ones to a traditional drink?

So why not share the love by treating your loved one to a classic hot beverage? Starbucks Classic Hot Cocoa might be something you need to combat the icy cold of winter.

Starbucks Classic Hot Cocoa 30 Ounce


Editor’s note

My personal experience with hot chocolate is quite satisfying. As a freelancer, it takes a lot of focus & motivation to keep chugging out my articles day in & day out. For focus & motivation, I find hot chocolate to be superior to coffee, in taste & effectiveness. Coffee messes with my energy levels. So overtime I need more coffee to reach the same lever of stimulation. Now, I use coffee as a silver bullet to use occasionally. However, hot chocolate never fails to give me a boost that lasts the whole day. Even after I stop consuming the decadent chocolate, my baseline energy level is basically what it was before. I also love the fact that it allows you to fall asleep vs. coffee.

Libido enhancer… Well, it is a vasodilator (expands blood vessels) such that it increases blood flow. I suppose that’s why lovers love to share chocolates between each other.

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