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Review of the VIVO Dual Monitor Vertical Desk Mount Stand V002R

The VIVO V002R Dual monitor Vertical Array Mount is a stand that is excellent for its build quality, increasing both physical and digital workspace, boosting productivity, and for mounting two monitors on top of each other in a vertical fashion.


In the video below, I cover the step-by-step installation of the VIVO Vertical Dual mounting stand. From unboxing the parts, closely showing you every piece of the stand, putting the parts together, and displaying to you the finished product.


Here are a few things to keep in mind when putting the vertical mounting stand together:

Make sure that you remove the metal stoppers when installing the pole into the grommet base or C-clamp base. The stoppers are meant to secure the pole onto the base of the stand. However, you will scratch up the pole if you try to screw in the pole without removing the stoppers.

Screw threads of V002R VIVO Pipe Stand Stopper screws of V002R VIVO

Make sure you don’t loose the plastic “washers” that come with the VESA mounting brackets. The plastic washers allow you to tighten the bracket onto the pole-part of the stand, and therefore keep the monitor at a specific height when installed onto the VESA mount. Without the plastic washers, the VESA bracket would slip down with the weight of the monitor.

Build Quality

I am very impressed with the build quality of the VIVO V002R Dual mount stand. This stand is made of high quality steel and aluminum. In my experience of using this stand for months, the stand does not observably wobble at all. It is extremely sturdy and can easily handle 44 pounds of weight (Each VESA mount (2x) can handle 22 pounds of weight) for carrying the monitor. The only plastic parts are the VESA mount washers that helps tighten the VESA bracket onto the metal pipe stand, and the plastic covers that hide the ends of the metal pipe-stand.

All parts V002R VIVO layted out close up all the parts of V002R VIVO layed out on desk

Increases your Workspace

Using a monitor stand allows you to use more than 1 monitor at your desk, which is especially useful if your desk does not have very much room. And even if you have enough room on your desk, mounting your monitor onto a stand like this one frees up physical space at your workspace. A less cluttered desk means a more organized desk, and an organized desk promotes productivity.

Boost Productivity

Indeed, using more than one monitor also promotes productivity by increasing your digital workspace. An increased digital workspace means you can view more windows, and more digital information all at once. This means you don’t have to flip from one tab to another.

And more digital workspace also means that you don’t have to force your brain as much to remember the information in the previous windows if you have to cross reference information from multiple tabs.


Here are the specifications of the VIVO Dual Vertical Array Monitor Mount, Model V002R:

  • Fits two displays from 13″ to 27″ in size
  • Each VESA Mount (2x) can take a maximum weight of 22 pounds
  • VESA: 75mm x 75mm, & 100mm x 100mm
  • VESA mounting bracket fully rotate 360 degrees
  • VESA mounting bracket swivels -45 to 45 degrees
  • VESA mounting bracket tilts -45 to 45 degrees
  • Both Grommet and C Clamp Mounting Compliant, fits desks with a maximum width of 4 inches
  • The stand itself weighs about 9 pounds
  • Allows for both landscape and portrait display configurations
  • From the desk to the top of the center post is 31.5″ and center post is 1.5″ thick
  • Mounting bracket is roughly 4″ and fits most standard desks
  • Height Adjustable

Range of Motion

The VIVO V002R has an excellent range of motion. You can rotate your monitor to the desired position a full 360 degrees. Also, you can tilt and swivel the monitor 45 degrees up, down, left, and right. It fits the range of motion most people need out of their monitors.

The only significant range limitation that should be considered is that the stand isn’t an arm. That means that you have to have vertical clearance of a particular area of  your desk to install the stand. Also, a straight vertical pole-stand can’t outreach or travel a distance over from where it is mounted. The placement of the monitor is stuck to where the stand is installed. Of course, you can use a grommet mounting system to place the stand anywhere you want on your desk.

But if you need a mounting system where the monitor travels a distance from where the stand or mount is located, then an arm may be the right choice for you.

Display Size

The specs are pretty good for this VIVO mount. It can holds displays that are small as 13 inches (smaller even, but smaller screens probably can’t be mounted on the VESA mount) and as big as 27 inches. 13 to 27 inches is a range that fits for most standard commercial monitors.

Weight Capacity

However, you might be able to fit an ultrawide monitor onto this stand in a landscape position. It depends on dimensions. An ultrawide monitor that is not taller than 20 inches should be able to fit onto this vertical VIVO stand. The ultrawide monitor must also not be more than 22 pounds. If your ultrawide monitor satisfies both of these conditions, you should be able to fit the ultrawide onto this VIVO Dual vertical mount.

And for the matter of weight, the stand itself can take a serious amount of weight. But the limitation of 44 pounds is due to the VESA mount. There are 2 VESA mounts (this is a dual monitor stand, after all), and each VESA mount can take up to a maximum of 22 pounds. A monitor that is heavier than 22 pounds will most likely angle downwards, given that the VESA mounting joint isn’t designed to carry more weight.

Cable management

The cable management system that accompanied this particular stand was nothing more than two clips that attached onto the pole or stand and “clipped” the wires onto the stand. It is sufficient for 2 cables each a centimeter thick, although more would be harder to install to fit into the clip. Personally, you can easily use zip ties instead.

Monitor Viewing Angle Ergonomics

workspace with tilted monitors on V002R VIVOFirst let me ask, do you sit a bit far back from the computer screens, or up close and personal? The vertical mounting system works well if you sit back a bit.

That’s because if you have the bottom screen to a comfortable viewing angle, looking at the top screen forces you to bend your neck in an awkward angle, especially more so if you are sitting up close.

However, if you sit a distance far back, you only have to angle your head up a few degrees to see the top screen, which is a lot more comfortable and ergonomic.

How comfortable it is to look at the top screen can make a significant difference to your productivity. When I used this particular setup, I had trouble due to my eyesight (myopic) and the way my desk is setup.

Workspace using V002R VIVO less tiltBeing myopic means that I have to sit closer to actually see what is on the computer display.

And my desk was setup without much desk space; If I tried to sit back a distance, I lost the surface where my arms needed to rest in order to use the keyboard comfortably.

So whether you should get this vertical mount depends on how you use it- how close you sit to your monitors, and for how long you plan to stare at the top monitor. Honestly, its actually quite efficient as long as you sit far back enough. But it was a problem for me, given that I tend to sit close to the monitors.

Finally, I would like to say not everyone is the same, and not everyone has the same needs. This vertical dual array monitor stand may be just what you want, depending on your needs. Personally, I found that mounting a monitor to the side was more comfortable to use, because I sat so close to the monitor.

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