Top Perfumer Ingredients: The Beaver Castor

Hello, today I am going to talk about an essential fragrance that can be acquired from the Beaver Castor.

Although the beaver is not exactly sexy in appearance, their castor glands are an important ingredient for many perfumers.

Inside the beaver’s castor gland is a substance called Castorium.

Now, this Castorium has an exotic fragrance that is best described as sharply spicy.

Deeply rich Leather that is soft on the nostrils, yet sensually exciting.

Reminiscent of the swampy-mossy-moist Boreal forest the beaver inhabits.

Smokey and Animalistic in a sensual way.

This scent is related to the beaver’s use of pheromones in the castorium that acts as sexual attractants.

It is ideal to use for either a masculine or feminine alluring natural body musk perfume.

The castorium is an essential perfumer’s ingredient inbetween base and middle note.

Meaning that the castorium has a lasting persistence to it.

It is unlike the cheap perfumes that quickly dissipate and are short lived.

If you are interested in acquiring some Castorium, I posted some links down below for a supplier I know who sells this fine perfumer’s ingredient.

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