The Perfect Traveler’s Companion – The Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse


The Microsoft Wedge Touch is an ultra portable mouse for those people on the go. For Travelers who need to pack light, but want the full precision of a mouse. Can be used with tablets, laptops, and any desktop computers. Runs on Mac, PC, and Android (yes, that means your phone too!). The Microsoft Wedge Touch mouse is meant to be a traveler’s perfect tablet or laptop companion.






● 4 Directional scroll.

● Ergonomic Wedge Shape, small size, light weight.

● Dimensions Length, Width, Height: 2.4 x 2.1 x 0.9 inches

● Weighs 1.1 ounces

● No Bluetooth dongle required, Bluetooth functionality is built in. Syncs to almost any Bluetooth device.

● Uses a single AA battery.



The Microsoft Wedge Touch is an extremely petite mobile mouse that fits in the palm of your hand. The mouse is designed to be as compact as possible to go in your carry bag while taking up an insignificant amount of space. Size & weight are important for travelers. Has an Apple-esque minimalistic style. The most prominent trait is its small size, ideal for travel.




The Microsoft Wedge Touch lives up to its namesake, being shaped as a wedge. Although not ergonomic in extreme, the designers did keep that factor in mind. That’s why the mouse has 35 degree angle shape to aid ease of use of the user.


The Microsoft Wedge Touch mouse uses a nice black smooth soft rubber for the body, that feels really nice to touch. The sides use a chrome accent, and the top of the mouse is a track-click pad hybrid, like those used for laptops.


Uses a minimalist on & off switch that also activates Bluetooth when held, a batter lever that opens the battery compartment like a switchblade. And there are feet on the bottom to keep it elevated for the tracking light & to keep the mouse sliding smoothly.



Click & Scroll

Has physical click functionality. The mouse clicks requires little pressure to click left or right. The top of the mouse acts like one big rocker, like the ones you find on laptops.


Although the mouse does not have a scroll wheel, the mouse is intuitively designed with a track pad scrolling system on the top, that you hold with one finger and move with another to operate. The touch sensitive top allows for both vertical & horizontal scrolling by sliding your finger or flicking it in the desired direction you want to scroll. The scroll touch functionality is responsive such that the faster you slide your finger, the faster the scrolling is.



Bluetooth Technology

The wedge touch mouse is a –complete- wireless Bluetooth technology mouse, not the fake wireless kind. The fake ones require a USB dongle that needs to be plugged into the computer, taking up a valuable USB port on your device. The problem with these fake wireless mice is that once you lose the USB dongle, you can’t use the mouse anymore. For example, this is true for the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse. If you lose the USB dongle, the mouse becomes useless because Microsoft does not sell replacements for the USB dongle.

However, the Microsoft wedge touch mouse is fully Bluetooth with no USB dongle needed. Just pairs with any Bluetooth devices, even phones.



There is a tradeoff between mouse ergonomics and size for portability. For prolonged amounts of time it is less comfortable than a regular mouse. However, the extremely small thin size makes this the perfect “pocket mouse”. Therefore many Amazon Customers recommend using it for their laptops & tablets.

The tactile feedback of the click is lacking. The sounds is near silent, and little pressure is required to make the ‘click’. This is a matter of preference.

Does not have multi-touch gestures, other than the 4 directional scrolls.

The mouse does not work on glass surfaces because the tracking light, which tells the mouse its movement, does not bounce but goes through the glass.


Pro Tip

Don’t leave the battery in for long periods of time, like weeks or months, this is true for all devices in general. Batteries tend to leak if charged and not used.


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