The Masione Pro Gaming Keyboard

The Masione Pro Gaming Keyboard

The Masione pro gaming keyboard feels as if its designed by actual gamers. It is a long-wired keyboard with adjustable brightness & color backlighting that boasts batman-esque aesthetic at a bargain price. Consider that this keyboard comes with consistent backlighting for the price. Usually low priced keyboards means that the quality of production be lower, allowing for inconsistencies in quality. But there are no observable inconsistencies for this gem.


You can tell that the Masione was definitely designed for gamers in mind, once you see that the keyboard has drainage holes on the bottom in case of a spilt drink. I personally appreciate this detail because I like to stock well with food & drink (name “junk” food) while I play video games. I can’t help but get excited while play, and tend to knock over everything within the reach of my arms trying to get a head shot.

Key Caps

The Masione has a satisfying mechanical keyboard snap when you press a key, instead of being a wriggly-rubbery indent. It is not a loud keyboard at all.  It gives underway gently enough to allow for touch typing to be a pleasant, clean experience. The cap letterings are almost impossible to wear out, because the letterings are plastic windows instead of imprints. The see through letterings allow for the backlight to glow through in a mesmerizing way. The keyboard lettering shows excellently in pitch black darkness, with red light being the most optimal wavelength to see in the dark. 

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