coffee beans cocoa seeds side by side

Caffeine Vs Theobromine – Difference in Function

Both caffeine and theobromine are very similar molecules. But they only differ by a single methyl group! Theobromine, which mainly comes from the cacao tree, has two methyl groups attached to the nitrogen atoms in its original xanthine skeleton (an oxidized purine molecule much like guanosine).  Caffeine comes from the coffee plant, or Coffea arabica, […]

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close up cocoa pod opened with clean white seeds corn cob

Cocoa – A Powerful Psychoactive & Potential Nootropic

Cocoa, the main constituent of chocolate, is well known for the emotions that it invokes. A sense of love, empathy, and overall well-being encompasses those that consume the cocoa-laden products. It’s an ancient plant-product that originates from Mesoamerican region of the world. How Does Cocoa affect the Body & Mind? Cocoa does not act as […]

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