chemical ball and stick model of psychedelic model myristicin

Myristicin – A Psychedelic MAOI with Therapeutic Application

Myristicin is a phenylpropene, a natural organic compound that is found naturally in plants such as nutmeg, parsley, dill anise, star anise, black pepper, carrot, common fennel and sweet fennel. Examples of other phenylpropenes include eugenol, chavicol, safrole and estragole- which all can be found in essential oils of plants. Myristicin is naturally used by plants as […]

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Ball and Stick model of Alpha-Thujene

What is α-Thujene?

Alpha-thujene (α-thujene) is a natural organic compound that can be found in many essential oils. It catches my interest, because α-thujene is a main constituent of many varieties of frankincense essential oils. For example, the essential oil of Boswellia Serrata (a.k.a. Indian frankincense) can be composed of up to 65% of α-thujene[1]. α-thujene is also found in […]

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