turmeric root uncut, cut into slices, and turmeric powder comparison picture

Turmeric – An Ancient Medicinal Cognitive Enhancer & Antidepressant

On this page, I plan to collate as much information as I can on turmeric; health benefits, scientific findings, applications, properties, etc. I also will voice my own experience and insight on this valuable golden spice. Background Information on Turmeric Common Names: turmeric, turmeric root, Indian saffron Latin Names: Curcuma aromatica, Curcuma domestica, Curcuma longa […]

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A yellow creep skull and mercury bio hazard

Mercury – Toxicity, Exposure, Body Burden, Detoxification & Elimination

Is it true that drinking Mercury isn’t dangerous? Not dangerous? Hardly. Mercury vapor is exceedingly toxic to the brain, kidney, heart and liver. And your microbiome would be seriously damaged, too. If you were a fetus, infant, child or teen, your brain development would be derailed, with permanent results. Even if only a tiny fraction […]

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