Neurotrophins are a family of proteins that influence neurons through cell signaling. Specifically, neurotrophins bind to a cell’s receptors to “send a message” to the cells, and thereby cause a reaction or change from the cell. And neurotrophins bind to two classes of receptors: the p75, and the Trk families of Tyrosine kinase receptors. p75 […]

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What is Bio Hacking?

So the question is, what is biohacking? According to Wikipedia, bio hacking refers to people who experimentally exploit genetic material for the purposes of benefiting mankind. But I believe one of the better definitions for biohacking is the pursuit of overcoming the natural limitations of the human body. Cybernetic Implants as Biohacking Some people take […]

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Different Functions of the Brain by Anatomy

The brain is the main central organ of the nervous system. “Nervous” referring to the nerves a.k.a. neurons. Basically, the nervous system is a communication network consisting of neurons that runs throughout the body. Because of these neurons, we can tell if any part of our body touches something; the nerves on our skin sends […]

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