Motivation: Changing Your Personality for Increased Willpower

In this article, I will be gathering anecdotes on improving your productivity by changing your behavior- or changing your personality for a better workflow in terms of your productivity. So one person found a limitation on his entertainment as something that reeled him into a better work ethic. Here it is: I have. In my […]

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ADHD stands for Attention-Deficit Hyperactive Disorder Some people with ADHD are known as “stress” junkies, like me. That’s because they have to get stressed out to focus. Some patients with ADHD tend to procrastinate. They procrastinate because their brain doesn’t deem the task as “interesting” enough to give it any attention. But by procrastinating, ADHD […]

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How Bad is Depression? Depression is a severe disorder that can have enormous consequences on an individual’s quality of life, and Depression is one of the most prevalent form of mental illness. Symptoms include: Anhedonia (the inability to feel pleasure) Disrupted Sleep Lack of Motivation Anxiety Cellular Atrophy Neuronal Loss What Supplements are Good for […]

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Behavior – How Brain Health & Metabolism Relates to Our Emotions

In this page, I will attempt to collect all the useful information I find on Human behavior and how it can be manipulated for better or worse. I strive for better, of course. Children Copy Cat Pattern From the time they are born, babies (and even older kids) come hard-wired with the instinct to mimic […]

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