Super Portable Wireless Speaker Ball

The Sony Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker System is an awesome gadget to bring sound to any environment. The speaker is a light weight of 4.8 oz & is the size of a tennis ball, enhancing it’s portability to take it virtually anywhere you want.

 The Sony Portable’s plug n play configuration means no hassle on your part when pairing to any mobile device. The speaker has NFC (Near Field Communications), meaning you simply tap on the speaker with your phone to pair the device in seconds.

The Sony Portable’s quality of the sound is surprisingly rich & clear when you compare it to other small sized speakers. It’s 360 degree spherical design allows for even distribution of sound from any angle. You can also put it back against a flat surface to artificially boost sound volume.

The Sony Portable has a built in mic for speakerphone functionality, allowing you to pause where you are and answer phone calls with the press of a button.

Portable Bluetooth


The Sony Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker System is ideal for those who travel or just want to share quality music among friends. It’s simplicity, user friendliness, and 8 hour battery life insures that you won’t be missing out on quality audio wherever you go.

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