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Review of Starbuck’s Veranda Blend Blond Roast Coffee

So recently I bought Starbuck’s Veranda Blend of coffee beans. They claim on the packaging that the coffee was roasted very mildly, a light roast if you will that is also known as “blonde roast”. So given that I rarely had the luxury of drinking light roast coffee, I was quite excited to try these coffee beans out. But unfortunately, I was not impressed with the flavor at all.

Starbucks coffee do have some very tasty, savory, delicious coffee beans. I’ve tried some really good ones before in the past. But there are a few problems with this Veranda Blend Blond Roast. First of all, the coffee is preground. Although the difference may not be much if carefully packaged at the right time, I found that this coffee was quite flat. The flavor wasn’t very pronounced. According to coffee connoisseurs in the reddit forums, lighter roast coffees are flatter in mouth feel like a tea, but more flavorful & acidic. Sure, I can tell that this coffee may be more acidic given that my stomach wasn’t happy with it, but I actually think that the coffee was semi-stale. No good.

Personally, I would suggest getting a whole bean coffee that you grind yourself for maximum flavor. I would also suggest that you do not get a blend of coffee bean variants, as most companies use lower quality beans in blends.

I would recommend Lavazza Espresso Super Crema Espresso coffee beans instead.

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