Most Expensive Keyboards

Are you having trouble deciding what to spend all your money on? Then never fear, accessories befit for royalty are. Take a look at these insanely-stylized-steam-punk-hobbyist-collector keyboards. When I first looked at them, I was like, “People actually are into glorifying keyboards?”

-The Aviator-

The Aviator Keyboard

The Aviator keyboard has a unique retro-futuristic design. Its keys are reminiscent of past typewriters, and it’s chassis gives a modern feel. The chassis possesses a polished aluminum skeleton, composed of thick curved aluminum plates on each side which support a burnt-finished wood back panel. 


The double aluminum curved plates have holes that are drilled out which makes a person think that the plates allows for modular assembly to other components, giving a unique utilitarian look. At the back of the keyboard there are two triangular feet of similar style.


Each keycap is hand assembled from four pieces; the stem that installs on a standard Cherry MX Switch, the print lettering, the concave plastic lenses that sits on top to protect it, and finally the metal ring around the outside edge that makes for a unique look and feel.

The Aviator gives a typewriter feel on each click. The style of key cap gives less tolerance for miss-strokes then square ones. This is especially true for keys that are typically larger. The keys are all round and smooth, insuring that you don’t hit a corner with your finger whilst typing.

-The Sojourner-

The Sojourner Keyboard

This is NOT you typical keyboard. The Sojourner a steam-punk keyboard from a Victorian era. This keyboard are for those hobbyists looking to compliment their Victorian Jungle-explorer themed abode. This keyboard conveys this theme through its artificially tarnished metal brass, it’s typewriter keys with parchment inserts of fine penmanship, and it’s antique leather bound face plate.

What does Sojourner even mean?

Sojourners are those journey men of yore, traveling wanderers and vagrants who traversed the earth seeking adventure. Those who relied on the compass & the stars to navigate their way. Traveler differs from Sojourner since emphasis is placed on the ‘stay’ then the actual traveling. In other words, Sojourners are inspired by exploring alien surroundings. Whereas Travelers are in for the journey.

Sojourner Robot

But do not be dissuaded that the true explorer is lost. No, the advent of technology insures that robots become our surrogate explorers. Back then the vast expanse of African Jungles were the places of unexplored adventure. But for us, it’s mars.
Galactic Robo Explorer


Sojourner Truth

A question I ask my self from time to time is: Did the famous Abolitionist Sojourner Truth, who inspired the freedom of slaves through her heart-touching speeches, use this fine example of a keyboard? Well, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.
Awesome Abolitionist

The Revisionist

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