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How to Setup Backup Recovery on Notepad++

Have you heard of Notepad++? It’s an awesome application that allows you code & type English with spellcheck as well as numerous other features. Personally, I love using Notepad++ to open up text documents that I use as task lists for the various number of things that I have to do. But for the first time the Notepad++ unexpectedly crashed, making me lose the important data stored on one of my files. After some research I found a way to recover an older version of the file. You can do this by:

1. Locate the corrupted, original document.1

2. Right Click >> Properties >> Previous Version >> Select the latest version of the file available to restore.

2_Previous Version

But the problem is that the old version of the file did not have a lot of the new information that I added. I can’t allow this to happen again. To prevent this, I found out that I can keep separate backups of the file every time I save it on Notepad++. To set this up, you:

1. Go to Settings >> Preferences

3_Notepad++ Preferences

2. In the preferences window, choose the Backup Category. Then in the “Backup on Save” section, choose the Verbose backup option and a custom directory to store the backups. I personally keep the backups in a folder on my desktop.

4_Backup Notepad++

Now you are all set. Everytime you save your precious file, the Notepad++ will save a separate version of it in your custom backup folder.

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