HAVIT Lammergeier Backlit Programmable Gaming Keyboard


Today I present to you my review of the Havit Pro Gaming keyboard (Lammergeier HV-KB346L). It is a membrane keyboard that is programmable, has custom backlighting features, and comes with a high tech design that shows that it was built with user comfort in mind.


-HAVIT Pro Gaming Keyboard-

Key Caps & Programmable Keys:

The Havit Keyboard uses “membrane” keys, which are keys sitting on top of rubber silicon pads, insuring an extremely quite typing experience. It has a similar quietness of a Mac Book Keyboard. This is especially good for users who are tired of the “clickity-clack” of mechanical keyboards.

The Havit also boasts a nice Bold font for visual keystroke typing (looking at the keys while typing J). Also notice that on the top & side (?) there are 13 programmable keys, each key can record a series of keystrokes to be used in gaming combos or software application. You can customize the keystroke pattern using the CD installer software that comes with the keyboard. On this software, you can customize almost any key you want. If you desire, you can even change the “L” key to an “M” key output.

There is also another two keys on the Havit keyboard that allows for Dual game mode functionality. There are two buttons on the keyboard that allows you to switch between two sets of programmed keys for two different games from the keyboard. There is an additional 4 modes of programmed key profiles that you can manually load on the keyboard by using the CD installer software. You can use the key programming’s for a diverse number of games ie. Driving, shooter, command & conquer, Star Craft, etc.


Customizable RGB backlight color.

You can customize both the color of the keyboard and which 4 regions of the keyboard has what color.

There are 6 million colors to choose from.

You can customize light intensity and breathing speed.

Design & Ergonomics:

The Havit keyboard uses a brushed aluminum faceplate for modern aesthetic. Also has a 5 meter braided USB connection cable with gold plated USB head. The gold plating allows for better responsiveness and connectivity. And the WASD keys have an ergonomic wrist rest. On the backside, there are the usual rubber pads that prevent the keyboard from slipping around, and standard plastic flip-up feet.

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