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DIY Noopept Nasal Spray Step-By-Step Guide

In this article, I will walk you through making your own “Do It Yourself” noopept intranasal spray. I will discuss the different ingredients that you will need, the equipment required to prepare the noopept solution, as well as the preparation methods step by step.

There are a few reasons why someone may want to use a nasal spray for administering the noopept. They include ease of use, volumetric dosing, high bioavailability, and by-passing the GI tract.

It’s easier to use a noopept spray because you don’t have to weigh out the amount of noopept powder every time you take a dose. You could use premade pills or capsules, but typically you can get a cheaper price for buying noopept as a bulk powder. Also you can better customize the dosage amount when weighing out the powder.

But it can become a nuisance to weight out the powder every time. Milligram scales aren’t very accurate, so in order to maintain accuracy it is better to use volumetric dosing by making a noopept solution and using it that way. With a noopept solution, you can use it orally, sublingually, or intranasally, with the difference being that each administration method being progressively higher in bioavailability.

As a disclaimer, note that the Russian pharmacy sells noopept pills only for oral use, so you should stick with the tried and true method because this would be considered the safest. If you use a different administration method and dosing protocol than what is pharmaceutically recommend, it would be at your own risk.

Remember that using noopept intranasally is a completely different administration method than what is often prescribed. With intranasal application, there are 4 benefits: higher bioavailability, less noopept is required, bypassing the GI tract, and significantly stronger effects.

For me personally, I have a sensitive stomach. If I take more than 10mg of noopept orally, I start having GI issues, almost like I took a laxative. So for me its a great benefit that I can bypass the GI tract by using noopept intranasally.


For making the noopept solution for the DIY nasal spray, you need 3 essential ingredients:

I would suggest getting noopept powder from a trustworthy source. Nootropics Depot is my go to. Whenever it comes to taking drugs that act on the brain like noopept, its the best place to get it from.

Russian pharmacies typically use methyparaben (or nipagin) in their semax nasal drops at a percentage of 0.1%, so if they consider it safe for intranasal use, I myself would as well. I have tried 0.9% Benzyl Alcohol, which is what is required for BAC (bacteriostatic) water, but I find that it is extremely irritating to the mucosal lining of the nose. Meaning it burns and dries out my nose, and I find that using it too frequently will even cause nose bleeds. I also find that I am personally sensitive to benzyl alcohol such that adding it to the noopept nasal spray gives me brain fog and blocks up my nose for about 24 hours. It’s like trying to eat hot sauce with your nostrils, I don’t recommend it intranasally.

But I do find that 0.9% Benzyl Alcohol is perfectly fine for oral or sublingual use, there is no irritation at all. But there is something left to be desired in terms of taste… I know this because of course, after testing with benzyl alcohol I didn’t want to waste the noopept solution, so I used it sublingually.

For the water, you want something that is clear of microbes, minerals, and ions. Microbes can break down peptides as well as cause harm to humans, so the water needs to be clean from that. Likewise, the water should not have minerals or ions, which can also react with the peptide. I personally would use distilled water, but the best option is distilled water that is also deionized for better shelf life.


There are also a few tools that you need to prepare the noopept properly:

You can get most of these tools from online. You can replace the Erlenmeyer flask with any non-metallic object that allows for the magnetic stirring. But I find that the erlenmeyer flask has the best shape to prevent splashing during the mixing process.

For the magnetic stirring plate, I tried using 1 super-strong magnetic from a hard-drive super-glued to the center of a pc fan, powered by an adaptor that has a built in variable voltage regulator. The regulator allows me to change the speed of the mixing by changing the voltage. If you want to try a DIY magnetic stirrer, I suggest using 2 neodymium magnets placed on the fan symmetrically. Using 1 hard drive magnet makes the stir bar spin unevenly, given that those types of magnetics have a slight “U” shape and will make an asymmetric magnetic field even if you place it in the center.

dollar store nasal spray for noopeptFor the nasal sprayer, I found that you can get one for a dollar from the dollar store. However it is really a pain to open the bottle given that the ones that I found didn’t have threads for screwing on and off. I had to yank the head of the nasal spray with a pair of pliers. So its better to get nasal spray bottles with screw threads built in.

Finally note that most cheap millimeter scales will have some error when measuring weights for small amounts. The very accurate lab-grade ones will cost around $1000, so its not a cost-effective option. But there is a way to achieve accuracy while using a cheap millimeter scale.

So when you try to weight about 10mg of noopept powder, it may actually have a few milligrams more or less than what is read by the scale. You can overcome this error with volumetric dosing.

So instead what you do is weigh out about 100mg of noopept powder. This amount will still have a few milligrams of error in it. In order to reduce that percentage of error, you thoroughly mix that 100mg of noopept powder with a carrier fluid, like water. Let’s say with 10ml of water. And when you want to dose 10mg of noopept, you measure out 1ml of fluid with a blunt syringe, dropper, or the like, and administer it.

And generally speaking, the more fluid you use, the more easily you can measure an accurate the dose, and the easier it is to dissolve the noopept powder.


So here are the DIY instructions for making your own noopept nasal spray:

  1. Measure the number of sprays your nasal sprayer sprays
  2. Weigh the amount of Noopept you want for the nasal spray.
  3. Divide the amount of Noopept by the number of sprays. This will give you the noopept dosage per spray.
  4. Pour the noopept powder, de-ionized distilled water, preservative, and stir bar into the flask.
  5. Start the magnetic mixer on slow, then slowly speed it up. The mixing process should be done in 1/2 an hour or less.
  6. Pour contents of the flask into the spray bottle, sans stir bar, and close it. Your done! Refrigeration is Recommended.

Step 1. You need to measure how many times your spray bottle can spray until it becomes empty. I found that the 15ml nasal sprayer I got from the dollar store sprayed about 175 times before running out. So if I want to administer ~ 1mg of noopept with each spray, I would have to use about 175mg of noopept powder.

Nootropics Depot Noopept Powder Milligram scale and micro scoopStep 2 & 3. Go ahead and weigh out the amount of noopept powder that you want to use. Note that the bioavailability of using noopept intranasally is virtually ~100%, whereas noopept taken orally is about ~10%. That means you need 10 times less noopept with every intranasal administration. So once you know how many sprays your nasal sprayer sprays, you divide that number by the amount of noopept powder you will add to the solution. For example, I mentioned that my nasal sprayer administrates 175 sprays with a full bottle. So for example, if I use 200mg of noopept to prepare the solution, then a single spray gives me 200mg/175 sprays ~ 1.14mg of noopept.

Step 4. Carefully pour the noopept powder into the flask. And then pour the deionized distilled water as well. It should be the amount that you used to measure the number of sprays when the bottle is full. Note that when I say “full”, there still should still be some room on top. Because if you entirely fill the bottle to the rim, you will end up with extra noopept solution spilling out when you pour it from the flask. That’s because you are adding more “volume” with the noopept powder and preservative.

Now also add the preservative to the flask. If you are using benzyl alcohol, it would be about ~ 0.9% of the solution. If 15ml is 100% solution, then the amount of benzyl alcohol is 0.9 * 15ml / 100 = 0.135ml. You can measure this amount with an insulin syringe. Again, I don’t recommend benzyl alcohol for intranasal use, but that’s up to you.

If you are using methylparaben (Nipagin), you could go with the amount that the Russians use for their semax sprays, which is 0.1%. First we need to decide the milliliter amount, and then convert to miligrams. So for 15ml, you would calculate 15ml * 0.1 / 100 = 0.015ml.

Note that 1 milliliter = 1000mg. So you would calculate 0.015ml * 1000 / 1ml = 15mg.

noopept powder being stirred in erlenmeyer flask with magnetic stirringStep 5. So after you added the stir bar to the flask as well, place the flask centrally on top of the magnetic mixer, and start it slow. You can gradually speed it up from here. You can intermittently take a peek at the meniscus of the flask to check for undissolved solids. I personally find that 200mg of noopept dissolves pretty easily in ~15ml of water. But for 300mg of noopept, it still has trace amounts of undissolved particles even after more than ~1/2 hour of mixing.

Step 6. Finally pour the contents of the flask into the nasal sprayer sans stir bar. Put the head back on, and that’s it, you finally have your noopept nasal spray ready to go! Give it a spritz or 2 in the air before using it to preload the noopept solution and remove anything in the spray-pipe. And its generally better for shelf-life to refrigerate the noopept spray when not in use.

Alternative Mixing Method

You could fill fill up a spray bottle with BAC water and noopept powder and shake it manually, but it would not be very effective given that noopept already has a low solubility in water. It needs a thorough mixing with water to properly dissolve to give the dose that you measured for. If not all the noopept dissolves, then your first doses of spray will have less noopept than the last dregs left in the spray bottle. Uneven dosing like that defeats the purpose of volumetric dosing.


With the the noopept nasal sprayer, you can achieve a higher bioavailability and stronger effect than taking orally. I have been inspired to try this tech as a means to bypass my sensitive stomach, and to get the most bang for my buck. But I believe that most of the studies done on noopept have used it orally, so if you want to err on the side of caution, it is better to use noopept orally. It was meant as a long-term medication anyways to help treat traumatic brain injuries. If you want to go that route instead, I am working with to provide the original Russian noopept medications. You can use coupon code “rev20” at their checkout to get %5 off your purchase with them.

Additionally, please let me know if you think I made any mistakes, or if I could improve any of my calculations or methods. I’m all up for improving nootropics techs like this one for furthering our cognitive prowess.

Finally, if you are curious, you can read more about my personal experience using noopept as a nootropic. In a few words, for me it is quite literally life changing.

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