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Layers of Programming: Machine, Assembly, & High Level Languages

Levels of Programming Languages Programming is the act of developing a piece of software. And software contains instructions that tell a computer what to do. Therefore, programming is the process of developing instructions that tell a computer what to do. And you can tell the computer what to do with with a with a programming […]

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SDLC Overview

The General Outline for the Software Development Life Cycle SDLC, or Software Development Life Cycle, is the blueprint used to produce software in an organized, efficient manner. SDLC is composed of 6 main phases. Planning – Collecting Requirements for software Designing Development – Developers start coding the software Testing – Making sure that software actually […]

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Setting Up HP ALM QC for Use

In this article I will show you the various shortcuts and steps needed to make using ALM a better experience. Shortcuts to the HP ALM QC Software To make desktop shortcuts to the HP ALM QC software, you first go to the Start Menu Button on the desktop toolbar >> You then go to All […]

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Installing HP ALM QC

How to Install ALM

So this is going to be a step-by-step tutorial showing you how to install HP ALM QC onto your (virtual) machine. First, Find & Run the application setup 2nd, Select the Next Button >> Select “I Agree” to the License Agreement >> Select Next Button past Customer Information. On the “Select Installation Folder” segment, choose […]

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How to Install UFT

So in this article I will be showing you how to install your HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT) software. First, you need to locate the UFT Setup application and select it. A new window labeled “HP Unified Functional Testing 11.50” will pop up. Select the “Unified Functional Testing Setup” hyperlink. Another window will pop up […]

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