What is Smoke Testing, Sanity Testing, & Regression Testing?

This topic may seem simple to many, but despite of hundreds of web articles – Smoke, Sanity, Retesting & Regression are the most misunderstood topics in Software Testing. There is enormous amount of literature on the subject, but most of them are confusing. The following article makes an attempt to address the confusion. Before understanding […]

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Build vs Version vs Revision vs Release vs Link vs Compile

In this section, I will cover what it means to build, version, revision, release, link, and compile in terms of what software engineers need to know; whether you are developer/programmer, or a QA Tester. Compiling, Linking, Building the Software First, think of the way pre-fabricated building sections might be built, and then assembled into a […]

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Unit Testing – Analogy, Purpose, Manual vs Automated, and in Java

What is Unit Testing? Explaining Unit in Unit Testing This is a confusing question for most people when they start thinking about writing tests for their software. I know that I didn’t fully understand what “a unit” was in the context of testing until I wrote a lot of tests. There are differing definitions of […]

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Adding and Deleting New Users & Administrator in Quality Center

In this tutorial I will be showing you how to add and delete new site user, and how to upgrade and downgrade site administrator status in the HP ALM Quality Center application. Adding a New Site User First you need to Log in as an administrator. After logging in, locate the toolbar near the top […]

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