Build vs Version vs Revision vs Release vs Link vs Compile

In this section, I will cover what it means to build, version, revision, release, link, and compile in terms of what software engineers need to know; whether you are developer/programmer, or a QA Tester. Compiling, Linking, Building the Software First, think of the way pre-fabricated building sections might be built, and then assembled into a […]

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Unit Testing – Analogy, Purpose, Manual vs Automated, and in Java

What is Unit Testing? Explaining Unit in Unit Testing This is a confusing question for most people when they start thinking about writing tests for their software. I know that I didn’t fully understand what “a unit” was in the context of testing until I wrote a lot of tests. There are differing definitions of […]

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Adding and Deleting New Users & Administrator in Quality Center

In this tutorial I will be showing you how to add and delete new site user, and how to upgrade and downgrade site administrator status in the HP ALM Quality Center application. Adding a New Site User First you need to Log in as an administrator. After logging in, locate the toolbar near the top […]

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