Prototype Vs Demo in Context of Software Engineering & QA Testing

What is a Prototype? A prototype can be thought of as a rough-and-ready proof of concept while a demo would be more polished and consumer ready. A prototype is something (which could be hardware, software, or a mixture of the two) which has been developed to determine whether a final product would even make sense. […]

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1.6 Java | Variables

In this tutorial, I will be showing you what variables are and how they work in Java. Variables are simply a representation of a value. Like in basic arithmetic, you can have x = 1. But in Java, the equal sign = is actually not an equal sign; it is an assignment operator. What that […]

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Reserved Keywords

A reserved keyword are words reserved by Java that cannot be used as identifiers (e.g., variable names, method names, class names). If a reserved keyword was used as a variable you would get an error or unexpected result. Here is a list of keywords that are reserved for use by the Java language: abstract assert […]

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1.5 Java | Identifiers

Identifiers are the names that identify elements like classes, methods, and variables in a program. For example; java, util, Scanner, Fnumout, main, String, args, System, out, println, Scanner, in, fnumber, input, nextDouble, etc. are all identifiers, or the names of things that appear in the program example below: import java.util.Scanner; public class Fnumout { public […]

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