pyramid side view of lego bricks stepping up like stairs

Unit Testing – Analogy, Purpose, Manual vs Automated, and in Java

What is Unit Testing? Explaining Unit in Unit Testing This is a confusing question for most people when they start thinking about writing tests for their software. I know that I didn’t fully understand what “a unit” was in the context of testing until I wrote a lot of tests. There are differing definitions of […]

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Prototype Vs Demo in Context of Software Engineering & QA Testing

What is a Prototype? A prototype can be thought of as a rough-and-ready proof of concept while a demo would be more polished and consumer ready. A prototype is something (which could be hardware, software, or a mixture of the two) which has been developed to determine whether a final product would even make sense. […]

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What is Software Engineering?

Software Engineering is a broad subject that includes 1. Finding ideas for software applications (i.e. notepad on your computer takes digital notes), 2. Developing the Software &, 3. Testing it. You can develop software in many different programming languages; the most popular seems to be Java. Even websites are software applications. Software Engineering can also […]

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