ergonomic correct posture, then slouching posture, then back dangerously bent backward posture

Ergonomics: The Art of Comfortable Design

Why is ergonomics important? So one question you may have is why is ergonomics important? Is it really necessary to go the extra mile and make sure you have the proper posture while you work? Well it is, in fact. I mean, we want to as much precaution as necessary to take care of our […]

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Productivity & Study Enhancement Hacks, Tips, Tricks, Advice, & More

On this page, I plan to collect all the information that I acquire for improving ones own productivity & study methodologies. How to Be More Productive on the Computer by Separating Work from Fun – Vlog So many of us want to be extremely time-productive on the computer. But the problem is that we suffer […]

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battle ship station with lots of buttons, multiple screens, graphs

Choosing the Best Computer Monitor for Productivity, Gaming, & Ergonomics

In this article, I will be covering different computer monitor types, features, resolutions, and the optimal number of monitors depending on your workplace or battlestation requirements. Whether you need to buy a computer display for maximum productivity, ergonomics, gaming immersion, and so on, I hope to provide you the information that you need to setup […]

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