white yellow wheat stalk with budding seed heads, swaying in the right direction in the wind

3. Bangla Poetry | Wind – বাতাস – বায়ু

So here’s a poem composed in the Bengali language, about the mistical nature of wind and the feelings that wind evokes in my heart. Quick note: batash (বাতাস) = bayu (বায়ু) Poem in Bangla তুমি বায়ু শুনো? বায়ু আস্তে করে প্রবাহিত হয় বাঁশার পাশে, বাঁশ কাঁদে যখন বাঁকানো, পাতা খচমচ করে পকেটের পয়সা মতন. তুমি বাতাস অনুভব করো? বাতাস […]

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1. Learning Bangla Lessons: Introducing Name, Age, and Family

So as I’ve stated before, introductions can consist of Name, Age, Education, Hobbies, Interests, Family, Where do you live, What you like, and What you dislike. So in this lesson outline, I will show you how to ask and introduce your name age, and family in both Bangla & English. Name Q: What is your […]

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Where to Begin?

So I’ve been thinking, where can I start if I want to teach my Bengali wife English so that we can communicate better? So far, I can speak Bengali comfortably at a basic-intermediary level so I can translate some of the English to Bengali. I also know most of the Bengali alphabet, although I’m not […]

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