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Well, today I made a first. Not in terms of YouTube videos, but a REALLY catchy one. One that people can actually enjoy …My first YouTube video was about making ginger tea. I later figured out that it had some steps were missing, but that was what you can call a “pilot” episode. I was testing the waters for making YouTube videos. I stopped after that. But as time passed, I reached a point where I now have a bunch of free time to experiment and learn about social media and how the internet actually works.

What I found out is that only making YouTube videos alone typically will not get you a ton of views. That’s because you are now competing on the YouTube Search Engine. And therefore you can only get views/visitors via Youtube.

Aside: You know, almost all popular website now have their own SEO to consider. Whether it be eBay, Amazon, Google, Bing, Yahoo, Quora, Facebook, … I could go one, but you get the idea. From this analysis, I gather 2 main factors that are important to get publicity/exposure. One is SEO. The other is making REAL friends who will appreciate your content on social media.

But when I put time to learn about how to gain traffic, I found out something. Use as many venues as possible! Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, you name it. It may be that many social media platforms are unsuitable for you content, but one is golden. For example, if your content is about Recipes and how to make food, then you are going to present very “visual” content. This kind of content is ideal for YouTube and Pinterest. For example:

But anyways, I just wanted to say this is my first really good video out of them all, something people can enjoy. Peace!

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