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A Review of United Cyber Development – One of the Best Hosting Companies Out There!

What is United Cyber Development (UCD)? United Cyber Development is an online hosting company that provides Enterprise-Grade Managed Cloud Hosting that focuses on providing fast loading speeds, dependability where it counts, and multiple layers of security that prevents hackers from taking over your website or stealing your client’s information.

How fast is UCD Managed Hosting?

Really fast, let me tell you. I used to have my website hosted on “A Small Orange”, which was really good for a budget hosting company. But the problem with budget hosting is that my website’s speed performance was really low. This means that my visitors would have to wait anywhere from 6 to 13 seconds for my website to load. In this time they could simply leave my website and find what they are looking for somewhere. A long loading time also is bad for SEO, because Search Engines like Google take in many factors to rank your website among many other competing websites, including what effects a user’s experience. So if a website takes too long to load, Google is more likely to hide your website under faster ones so that a user’s experience is not negatively effected.

But once I switched to UCD Managed Hosting, I immediately noticed a drastic improvement in loading time. Instead of 6-13 seconds of waiting, my website would load as quickly as 2 seconds! Now that is what I call speed!

The reason why UCD can offer such high speeds is because they cater to the unique requirements of a client’s websites. That means UCD would not only do configurations from their end on the server to optimize a website’s loading speed, but also optimize settings inside your website as well. In contrast, a budget hosting company like A Small Orange would not be able to afford to cater to each individual; in order for A Small Orange to make a decent profit they are required to provide hosting to a large number of clientele. That means servicing an individual is lot harder for A Small Orange and thus by necessity devalued.

So to re-iterate, UCD provides fast loading speed which is necessary for lowering visitor bounce rate and for keeping visitors perusing your websites of longer periods of time.

Why is UCD Managed Hosting speeds fast?

UCD Managed Hosting can offer blazing fast speed by combines the highest quality OCZ Samsung SSDs, Grid Hosting that utilizes High Availability Platforms using their own hybrid-cloud on Openstack, unrestricted server allocation, CloudFlare integration, Dynamic Caching Engine, and trained cyber professionals who personally optimize your website’s settings.

What is Grid Hosting, you may ask? Grid Hosting is unique type of hosting that does not limit resources by only hosting your website from one machine. But rather, Grid Hosting has your website hosted on a virtual machine that is supported on a cluster or “grid” of servers. Although a single machine is limited and may run out of resources when your website picks up a sudden spike of traffic, Grid Hosting is flexible because it doesn’t limit your website to the resources of a single machine, but instead dynamically uses the resources of an army of server machines. Grid hosting also insures that if any of the servers nodes fail, the other servers that make up the virtual grid takes on the burden of hosting your website. Therefore Grid hosting allows for increased flexibility in resources and reliability.

But what is High Availability? High Availability means that their servers can run continuously for extreme lengths of time, meaning less downtime on your side in the long run. High availability also means that backups are setup to be fail overs, so that if the primary server hardware fails there is secondary equipment that immediately takes over from that point. In this way, you receive nearly zero down time.

Why is UCD Managed Hosting reliable?

For a fact, United Cyber Development Managed Hosting offers employees who help you face-to-face brings me to my next point: They are extremely reliable and cater to one individual at a time, unlike budget hosting companies like A Small Orange. Although I liked using A Small Orange, when a problem popped up I often had to wait from a couple of days to a week to get help. However with UCD Managed Hosting I could get help as fast as it took to dial their number up on my phone.

One thing that has caught my attention about United Cyber Development is that they have given me some of the best customer service I have ever experienced. One of their cyber professionals, Michael Vogt, personally migrated my website to their hosting server and showed me in detail how he optimized my site for speed by carefully configuring the caching options of my caching plugin.

Surprisingly, my adsense earings quadrupled when I switched to UCD hosting company. Michael explained to me that United Cyber Development has special optimizations to increase the earnings for those who use adsense. I also feel that the increased loading speed of my website allowed for a greater number of visitors to see my ads, thus increasing my earnings by increasing the number of ad impressions.

Why is UCD secure?

United Cyber Digital offers:

  • Custom 7-layer WAF (Web Application Firewall)
  • Active Exploit Detection
  • DDos protection
  • Maleware Scanning
  • Proactive website Vulernability Scanning
  • Account Isolation
  • Encrypted E-mail communications
  • “Bad-Client” Detection Network
  • And servers managed by trained cyber-security Professionals


UCD also provides SSL for free, which encrypts all traffic transferred between you and your website and encrypts the information being sent to the visitor’s electronic device and back, ensuring your login credentials are kept hidden from unwanted eyes. That means SSL encrypts your Login & Password information for both you the Admin when logging into your website’s backend, and for users logging into your website. Without SSL, the login and password information is sent “naked” such that hackers can easily view that critical information.

By adding SSL to your website, you not only recieve a small boost your website’s SEO pagerank, but also gain the trust of clients who are using your website. For example if your website is an e-commerce store, your customers will feel safe entering in credit card, address, phone number and other sensitive information needed to perform an online transaction.

To summarize, the general advice is that you shouldn’t shop; specifically enter sensitive information like credit card info, address, etc. on a website that has no SSL certificate. The same applies to your website if you use a wooCommerce or some kind of e-commerce setup. But using a 3rd party payment method like paypal (which does have security measures to protect a client’s information) is a way to make a secure transaction with a lack of SSL on your own website.

So I’ve personally asked one of UCD’s cyber professionals what makes UCD managed hosting secure, and what measures are taken to protect a client’s website. This is what he had to say:

  • Direct integration with Railgun into CloudFlare’s community-driven security and performance platform as the stronghold for their 86 datacenters across the world. This would normally cost our clients $200/M, however United Cyber Development has a direct partnership with CloudFlare, meaning if you’re a UCD customer you get it for free.
  • Commercial-grade 7-layer Mod Security integration (Similar platform as provided to reputable corporations here.)
  • Real-time IDS (Intrusion Detection System). Even if your website’s code has a 0-day vulnerability, our hosting platform rejects the attempts to take advantage of the vulnerability.
  • Our E-mail communications platforms are extremely complex. Military-grade encryption, with DKIM, and active DLP (Data-loss Protection) to ensure confidential information is not leaked outside of our hosting clients. For example, Credit Cards and SSN #’s are rejected from transferring through the systems filter. I imagine Sony wishes they were using your hosting platform!
  • Anti-Bruteforce system
  • Anti-DDoS integration (Along with CloudFlare’s global protection.)
  • Real-time anti-maleware scanning on all websites. Normally something other hosting company’s charge extra for.

And here’s a breakdown of UCD vs a similar competitor, WP Engine:

  UCD                    WP Engine
IDS Yes No
Real-time Maleware scanning Yes No

(You can request a site cleaning, takes 24 hours to process.)

Cloudflare Railgun Yes No


E-mail Yes No
  $139 $99 + $200 CloudFlare

Why choose United Cyber Development?

Choosing a high quality hosting service over cheaper ones help you make more money in the end by improving the means by which you make money, and protecting your means to making money online. Potentially, going with a high end hosting company like UCD will give you the resource for your online business to grow in the future, and to protect that investment from multiple venues of failure. You want to choose a hosting company that you can rely on, one that doesn’t crash when you get a sudden spike of clientele traffic to your website, one that is willing to help you every step of the way to building your business. Through my pleasant experience, I can definitely say that United Cyber Development’s Managed Hosting fits the bill.


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  1. The Revisionist,

    This article is very well written and accurately goes into detail of the core values built into the foundation of our company.

    I appreciate the amount of time you took to go into such detail on how our services are the best option for those who rely financially on their website or blog, whether it be a personal blog or a business website.

    Very well done.

    Michael Vogt
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