1. Learning Bangla Lessons: Introducing Name, Age, and Family

So as I’ve stated before, introductions can consist of Name, Age, Education, Hobbies, Interests, Family, Where do you live, What you like, and What you dislike.

So in this lesson outline, I will show you how to ask and introduce your name age, and family in both Bangla & English.


Q: What is your name? Thomar/apnar naam ki? তোমার/আপনার নাম কি ?

Thomar/apnar (তোমার/আপনার) means yours. Thomar is informal, Apnar is formal.

Naam (নাম) means name.

Ki (কি) means what?.

A: My name is ___. Amar name ___. আমার নাম ___.

Amar (আমার) means my or I have.


Q: How old are you?/What is your age? Thomar boyosh kotho? তোমার বয়স কত?

boyosh (বয়স) refers to age.

Kotho (কত) refers to an amount. In this context, the amount of age.

A: I am ___ old. Ami ___ bosor boyosh. আমি ___ বছর বয়সী.

bosor (বছর) means year.


Q: Who is your Mom? Apnar ma ke? আপনার মা কে?

Ke (কে) means who.

Ma (মা) means mom.

A: My mother is ___.  Amar ma ___ hon. আমার মা ___ হন.

Maira (মায়ের) means mother.

Hoi (হয়) means is (informal).

Hon (হন) means is (formal).

Q: Who is your Dad? Apnar baba ke? আপনার বাবা কে?

baba (বাবা) means dad.

A: My Father is ___. Amar baba ___ hoi. আমার বাবা ___ হয়?

Q: Do you have siblings? Apnar bhaibon ache? আপনি ভাই-বোন আছে?

Ache (আছে) means to have.

bhaibon means siblings. Bhai means brother. Bon means sister. Bhai and Bon are concatenated or joined to mean siblings.

A: I have siblings. | I don’t have siblings. || Amar bhaibon ache. | Amar bhaibon nei. || আমার ভাই-বোন আছে | আমার ভাই-বোন নেই.

nei (নেই) means I don’t have.

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