2. Bangla Poetry | Snow – বরফ

Here is a short Bengali poem about the dreamlike way snow falls through the sky and covers this earth.

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Poem in English

I first decided composed the poem in English, since that’s the language I primarily think in:

The midnight air is Frigid,
With Snow dancing in the sky,
Figurines of Ice,
Gently embracing the landscape with a white blanket.

Poem Transliterated

Then I match the message & main nouns in Bengali, occasionally using Good ‘Ol Google Translate to find the right words in Bangla. Here’s the English Phonetic Bangla transliteration:

Rather Bathash Tanda ase,
Boroph Akashe nache,
boropher puthul,
Aste kore kombol mothon prithibi ta alingon kore.

Poem in Bangla

Finally, the I transcribed poem in the Bengali native script:

রাতের বাতাস ঠান্ডা আছে,
বরফ আকাশে নাচে,
বরফের পুথুল,
আস্তে করে কম্বল মথন প্রিথিবি তা আলিঙ্গন করে.

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Explanation of the Poem

So the poem is pretty straight forward. I setup the setting of the poem with the first stanza, indicating that the temperature is cold. And with coldness people associate snow. The way that snow falls from the sky is very graceful, almost “dancing” as the particles of snow descend.

I decided to go further along the idea that snow “danced” by comparing the snow particles to a small doll or figurine. The way the word sounds evokes in my mind a figurine (doll) that dances, it I suppose it is not uncommon for figurines to be modeled after ballerinas.

And finally the poem ends with the snow reaching its destination on the surface of the earth. Snow being such a small & wafty particle, it covers the earth gently for the same reason that a feather ends its fall gently. And snow is such a malleable particle, it covers the earth in any nook & cranny that it can reach, so close & intimate like an embrace.

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One thought to “2. Bangla Poetry | Snow – বরফ”

  1. রাতের কনকনে ঠান্ডা হাওয়ায় তুষারের নাচ,
    বরফের পুতুলগুলো আলতো করে
    তুষারধবল কাঁথা দিয়ে মুড়ে দিচ্ছে ধরা।

    There is no appropriate term for ‘Landscape’ in Bangla. So, I replaced it with synonymous word.
    It doesn’t snow in Bangladesh. So, there are not a lot of terms relating to snow.

    raater konkone ThanDa haOay tusharer nach.
    borofer putul gulo altO kore
    tushar dhobol katha diye muRe dicche dhora.

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