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How to Be More Productive on the Computer by Separating Work from Fun – Vlog

So many of us want to be extremely time-productive on the computer. But the problem is that we suffer from many different distractions from the computer. My solution is that we should separate our fun from our work. Even checking our email, social media, etc. counts as “fun”. By accomplishing small tasks like these, I’d like to think we get a small hit of dopamine for every small task accomplished. That’s why reddit is so addictive, every post is a new chance to get a hit of dopamine.

So there are are a few ways you can separate your “fun” from your “work” on the computer. The simple way is to block all social media websites, and other websites that distract you from your work. Something like leech blocker works excellently in this respect. Additionally you can physically separate your self from the distraction. You can do this by going to a library, and only bringing your relevant work, and not what wastes your time.

Also, changing environments may also boost your productivity because your are changing the “mood” in which you work in. For example, working in a library has an interesting psychological effect on your mind. That’s because our human nature is to copy those who are around us. So for example if you hang around a good crowd, then you develop a good disposition. But if you hang around a bad crowd, you will eventually end up like them.

Finally, my last suggestion is to have two computers. One for work. One for fun. This way you can work for as long as you desire without distraction, and still have some fun later on at your own discretion. I personally achieve this digitally by having multiple user accounts, each dedicated for a single purpose. This way I can insure that when I decide to get work done, I don’t get distracted.

Focus on One Thing at a Time for Productivity – Don’t Multi Task – Vlog

Another thing to avoid is for better productivity is task-switching. What happens is that you end putting a lot of effort between switching tasks, which dilutes your effort on actually doing the task at hand. What’s better for your focus & productivity is to stick with one task and fulfill the quota, or the amount of work that you have set to do on that project for the day.

Task-switching dilutes your concentration. But focusing on one single thing at a time kind of frees up your brain for only thinking about that one single task.

Whereas task switching fills your brain with you trying to remember what is the next thing that you need to do.

Links About Improving Productivity

You could just read all the posts that I have put in the “productivity” category. Some articles are more relevant than others. So I sorted out the most pertinent articles below:

And I would also suggest looking into turmeric. Out of all the nootropics that I have taken, nothing worked better for me than turmeric. If I was sleep deprived, chewing some turmeric would bring back the boost in my step and sharpness in my mind such that I didn’t miss any sleep at all (mentally, at least). If I was experiencing a headache, migraine, or brain fog; then chomping on some turmeric would greatly reduce my symptoms. So yea, maybe you should look into this golden spice.

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