Nootropics & Supplements

You can find all supplements and nootropics related to Bio Hacking here. Personally, when I am looking for a supplement or Nootropic, I try to pick whatever covers a nutrient deficiency that I could possibly have, or something that improve brain function so that I can be more productive throughout the day. That could mean choosing a supplement that enhances my mood, given that our drive to get anything done is really tied into our mood. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how smart you are, if you not motivated to using your brain.

Another type of supplement that I would look for is something that enhances the capabilities of my brain. I currently understand that there are three main ways to enhance the brain for productivity. One is to shore up any nutrient deficiency that may be interfering with how well my brain can function. Another is to encourage the brain for neurogenesis and to be able to actually “work”. Exercise is actually a great way to encourage the mind to “work”. Video games can similarly make the brain more adaptable, but I can’t say its a good way for the body to experience stress (for extremely long periods of time). Stress during exercise is healthy- stress while sitting in one place is unhealthy. Finally, if you have brain inflammation, you can take an anti-inflammatory to clear up brain fog. I find quite a bit of success with a turmericginger tea combo, but there are other options.

None of this is to be taken as medical advice, but what I’ve learned through my own research. It’s your choice how you take care of your own body. Choose wisely.

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