On this page, I will attempt to gather all the knowledge that I come across on music, as well as my own musings on the subject of music. Please feel free to tell me what you think in the comments.

Now music… in my opinion, it is quite an over-used tool. Sure, I’m also addicted to the melody. But its weird; I find that it is hard to concentrate on a task for long periods of time without a distraction. Oh, the woes of boredom. Why do we feel it? And why does music work so well to make a dull task so much more… Interesting?

The variance? The uniqueness? The repetitive beat?

Regardless, music is a useful tool for guiding our cognition. Perhaps it is imperative, when using music as a productivity enhancer in the area that requires critical thinking, to listen to music that isn’t too catchy and that you aren’t emotionally attached to. The idea is that music helps you disassociate your mental activity with boredom (or fill the “gaps” of silence that cause boredom), but at the same time music shouldn’t be the source of your distraction.

What's Your Opinion?