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Behavior – How Brain Health & Metabolism Relates to Our Emotions

In this page, I will attempt to collect all the useful information I find on Human behavior and how it can be manipulated for better or worse. I strive for better, of course.

Children Copy Cat Pattern

From the time they are born, babies (and even older kids) come hard-wired with the instinct to mimic their caregiver’s breathing patterns.

I was taught this as a teenage nanny a bazillion years ago, and it has helped me soothe dozens upon dozens of upset kids over the years. This is such an incredibly useful fact, I don’t know why more people are not taught how to make use of it.

When you have a fussy baby that won’t settle down and go to sleep already, try laying down next to her for 5 minutes and consciously deep breathing, nice and slow. She can’t help but copy your slow, deep breaths, which will put her right to sleep.

If you have a toddler who is in the middle of an epic temper tantrum, get as close as possible and while you’re talking in a nice soothing voice, breathe real nice and deep and slow. Your toddler will, too. Tantrum: handled.

If you have an older child who is sensitive, spectrumy, or overstimulated and who can’t get themselves calmed down, talk to them while deep breathing. Even big kids instinctively mimic your breathing and this is an easy way to help them slide out of their frustration cycle.

The corollary to this, of course, is that if your child is having a tantrum or is misbehaving and you get angry and start to yell, your blood pressure rises, and you start breathing hard and fast because you’re upset? Your child is not going to calm down either. Always pay attention to your own breath when dealing with young children. [Source]

Commentary: So from this piece of information above, I understand that children love to copy those who are around them. Such that violent, rude, angry parents begets violent, rude angry children; and vis versa. But another thing that I remember is that even as adults we tend to copy those around us. Especially so for the group that we consider as “friends”. I guess that is why you should surround yourself with people whom you want to be like, if you want to change yourself for the better.

Brain Metabolism

Another major factor that affects our behavior is brain metabolism. Usually toxins or heavy metals can slow our brain metabolism, making us experience brain fog or mentally “sluggish”. Similarly, a low brain metabolism can result in anger, confusion (because your brain cannot process information w/out energy) and depression.

So the take a way is to keep your brain metabolism healthy. That means to uproot the causes for a low brain metabolism, and may also mean to seek out measures to improve your cognitive function.

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