My Gear

On this page, you can find all of the productivity enhancing gear that I use for creative purposes, whether it be making videos, or making my workstation into a battle station, etc.


Now, the reason why I bought the PNY CS1311 SSD is to improve the speed at which my computer operates or improved performance, for better reliability, and for more efficient power consumption. By purchasing an SSD, I didn’t feel as if I need to put down more money and buy a new laptop. In other words, the SSD saved me money by making my laptop perform like a brand new laptop for demanding video editing programs, image editing programs, and other tools that a creative person would need.

Magicforce 68 Keys Mini Mechanical Keyboard

I’m a guy who spends a lot of time in front of the computer screen. I type a lot. Therefore, making sure that I have a comfortable and smooth keyboard to type on should in theory improved my ability to get work done. So I went ahead and bought the Magicforce 68 Keys Mini Mechanical Keyboard, and I found that the the tactile feedback provided by the keyboard, and smooth feel of each keypress really helps in revving up the speed at which I can type. The standard rubber dome keyboards are squishy, and I feel that rubber dome keyboards slow my typing speed, with my fingers kind of getting bogged down with every key press.

How to Choose a Monitor for Maximum Productivity & Gaming Immersion

Now choosing the correct monitor is extremely important, whether you are a creative professional or a pro gamer. With a ton of different types of monitors out there, you might find a guide to finding the perfect monitor pretty handy. In the guide I mention various features to look out for when selecting a monitor (response time, refresh rate, contrast & black levels, rage of color gamut, viewing angles, etc.), the type of monitor that you should buy (IPS or TN), as well as discussing what is a good resolution to choose (HD or Ultrawide), and whether or not having more than one monitor is a good idea or not.

Best Budget Webcam Review: The Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000

So I’ve decided I needed to get a good webcam for making YouTube videos. The Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 one is decent; there’s not a ton of “speckles” or grain that ruin the quality of the video capture, and it goes up to 720p. That’s perfect for Skype calls, given that Skype calls don’t (to my knowledge) go past 720p in order to keep lag at a minimum. It also works well if you just want a small video box of yourself in the corner of a video, for example if you are gaming or presenting something else in the video. However, if you plan to do daily vlogs or anything else that requires full 1080p of video capture, I’d actually recommend going with Logitech’s C920 HD Pro. It’s pretty awesome. However the Microsoft LifCam HD-3000 is a good step forward away from the “potato” webcams that come as a default for many computer & laptop display screens.

The Huion H420: One of the Best Entry Level USB Pen Tablet

Another cool gadget tool that I decided to purchase from Amazon is the Huion H420 pen tablet for drawing & writing digitally. It works pretty well as an alternative to a computer mouse too, although it requires a bit of getting use to. It’s a very ergonomic piece of equipment, given that you a “pen-holding” technique to literally hold a pen. As a drawing tool, it works very nicely. The strokes are very smooth with no observable lag, and the you can easily have a gradient of think & thin, dark & light with the pressure sensitive pen tip.

Display Mounting Stand & Arm

workspace using V002R VIVOIf you use a computer, you should know that the placement of the computer display is pretty important for posture and productivity. Posture because the placement of the monitor may influence the way you hold your back to see what is on the computer screen. And productivity because monitor arms and stand allow for the use of more than one monitor. With multiple monitors, you can reference back and forth materials on the screen without closing them out or switching tabs, which you would have to do if you only have one monitor. If you are looking for monitors mounts, I can fully vouch for the North Bayou F80 Gas Spring arm and the VIVO Dual Monitor Vertical Array Stand V002R.

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