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Checklist for the Production of Blog Articles & YouTube Educational Movies

On this page, I will make an extremely simplified list of things to do in order to insure that my article & movies is ready for publication, and if I (or you) get writers block.

Simplified Blog Article Publishing Checklist

Before the blog article is published, make sure that you have covered these things:


  1. Featured image
  2. Embedded images
  3. In-page linking (link to other articles)
  4. Affiliate links
  5. Proof Read for:
    1. Grammer
    2. Coherent flow of thought
    3. Ordering
    4. Appropriate size (instead of a mega-article, you may want to make a part 2 & 3)


  1. Video version
  2. Out-page linking (link from other articles)
  3. Sharing
    1. Reddit
    2. Facebook

How to Write an Blog Article, From Start to Finish

Choosing a Topic

  1. Answer a Question. Then make a Title. Not the other way around.
  2. Come up with a dozen titles. Then check what buzzfeed and the huffington post’s titles. Basically optimize the title for attention

H2 Tag

  1. The h2 should be a section’s heading which is a concise summary of what the next content will be about.


Ways to start an article (1 paragraph introductions):

  1. Briefly describe what you are going to teach in your article
  2. Summarize what you article is going to be about
  3. Ask the reader a question that your article ends up answering (depends on the type of article)

Content Expansion

  1. Choose a Question to Answer
  2. List supporting points
  3. Research and develop list into sentetnces
  4. Go deeper by using the phrase “For Example”.
  5. If you don’t need pictures to describe what you are discussing in your post, go deeper until you do.
  6. End paragraph with a question

Writing Checklist

To consider in the process of writing:

  1. Paragraph ends with a question
  2. Paragraph leads into the next paragraph (connections)

Each paragraph should be 1-2 sentences long. That’s because online content reads differently than a book.

Each paragraph should try to end in a question.

Use Hooks and Cliff Hangers for each paragraph.

Try to keep going deeper, from the topic of the last sentence. ie. cheeze burger > type of cheeze > health benefits of this cheeze > why cheeze has these health benefits > How exactly do these health benefits work? etc.

blog article advice for better reader experience

Writer’s Block & Writer’s Focus

I’m just going to list a few things that help me produce content

Writing Method:

  • Ignore the quality entirely. Just type. Fix it up afterwards.

External Factors:

Analyzing Research

Don’t copy & paste.

Read each paragraph as separate sentences.

Translate or interpret each sentence with your own words, or your own voice.

This prevents copy & paste or plagiarism, helps you absorb the content and to make your content unique.

Find Guest Blogging Opportunities


  1. find relevant blog that still publishes, with a lot of social media shares (indicator), use buzzsumo
  2. subscribe to their email list
  3. reply back to webmasters email (newsletter)
  4. Thanks! You helped me! Relevant. Also I wrote similar blog content; would you be interested in publishing on your blog?


  1. Don’t pitch right off the bat
  2. Signup to their email list, reply to the first email you get from them.
  3. Show them what you’ve done with their advice. Show gratitude. I’ve also written an article for you as well

How to Make YouTube Educational Movies

So in this general order, this should help me figure out how to make a YouTube movie about any particular subject

  1. Choose subject
  2. Write Blog Articles about subject, as aforementioned above
  3. Movie intro: Summary of the points that you want to cover
  4. Movie Body: separated into each point with explanation; basically just read the articles that you wrote before. And use the H2 sub-header tag as the main points that make each “body” or sub-subject in the movie. Easy.

Don’t just read the articles. Doesn’t sound right for the movie, makes the movie too long. The best YouTube movie that I produced was about choline, use that as reference.

Use simple language. The video needs to be able to be understood by a wide audience, that means people will have a variable level of vocabulary. Keep that in mind.

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